You wake within a sinister mall, finding yourself amongst creatures nothing like you've ever come across. Something is very wrong.

Delve into an atmospheric world, explore your surroundings and uncover the mystery this environment holds. 


R - Initiate reload, chamber the shell/bullet, move chamber
Left Click - Shoot, Activate hammer
Right Click - Aim down sights
Spacebar - Jump
C - Crouch
P - Pause game
V - Melee
I - Inspect


Survive. Escape.

This is a DEMO, and is not fully developed! There are going to be bugs along with missing features. We will be continuing with development to deliver a complete game soonTM.

Enjoy our Transition Demo. 

Developed for: Cursed Image Jam 

Inspiration from the following cursed images:


Download 76 MB

Development log


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I like this game! IT was extremely difficult since the delay on the mouse was about an entire 0.7 seconds. It was kinda hard to control. The health things are super hard to pick up. I was tryna pick one up cuz I was about to die but it wouldn't let me pick it up. Overall an EXTREMELY promising game! Good job!

Hi! Thank you! Could you tell us your specs and which version did you play on? 

I am playing on my school computer. It has an intel core i5 10310u CPU with uhd 620 graphics and 8GB of ram. I am playing on the latest version of the game.

There's a known issue with WebGL and the uhd graphics series. Could you please try the downloadable version and let us know if the problem persists and if so, send us a video of gameplay to see the exact problem. Thank you! 


Thanks I hate it



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cool creepy

Nice gameplay!