A downloadable game for Windows

Developed by: Sammy, Toni, Eliot, Nick
Contributions: John, Yoan

Welcome to the lens flary and neon future where you, Jack Nolan has been betrayed by your partner, Arnold Chopper, by tying you up leaving you for dead. 
Journey across a wild platform environment with crazy kick ass ninjas ready to slice you up! Your goal is to escape your imprisonment and locate Arnold Chopper to exact vengeance for your stolen dignity.

Explore sewers, fight on top of a train, jump over acid pits and ominous spikes that desire nothing more but your death. Use your trusty NR-3 Pistol that’s always by your side. Any problems? Shoot it. Someone bothering you? Shoot it. Got unhanded homework? Shoot it. Hungry? Shoot it Hotel? Trivago. or you can use your tactical knife and stab people (great fun).

Level one contains 4 ninja types: Underwater ninjas, wall ninjas, average ninjas and red bois (red bois cotain more health and deal more damage). 
They are the elite enforcers of the evil mafia that Arnold Chopper works for. You must escape the room you have been imprisoned in and find your way out of the sewers and into the subway.


E - Interact with objects/exits
Mouse Right Click - Melee
Mouse Left Click - Fire projectile
W or Space - Jump
A or Left arrow - Move left
D or Right arrow - Move right
S (whilst swimming) - Move downwards
Double press W or Space - Double jump
ESC - Pause

Thank you for downloading/playing hope you have an awesome time!

- Game may be updated in the future

Install instructions

Unzip the .zip file or extract its content on the desktop.

Run the .exe and ez run


Twisted80's.zip 111 MB


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Awesome gameplay :) You should try and get all the collectibles!